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A dynamic youth driven organization, FINALY! empowers youth to be active participants in decision making and implementation. Our involvement in social and economic issues provides an opportunity for youth to build a viable future in St. John's



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International Youth Day 2007 - August 12

Be seen, Be heard: Youth participation for development


International Youth Day gives the world an opportunity to recognize the potential of youth, to celebrate their achievements, and plan for ways to better engage young people to successfully take action for development. It presents a unique opportunity for all stakeholders to rally together to ensure that young people are included in global, national and local affairs and decision-making.


The United Nations (UN) Programme on Youth will be organizing various activities at UN Headquarters in New York to celebrate the Day.


Here's how YOU can celebrate the day:


Team up! It is a great opportunity to rally support and get key actors involved - Governments, non-governmental organizations, academic institutions, businesses, and young people - to focus on what has been done to further the World Programme of Action for Youth.


Organize! Hold forums, public discussions and information campaigns in support of young people focusing on youth issues and how they can be addressed.


Celebrate! Plan and organize performances everywhere to showcase - and celebrate – the fact that youth contribute to the societies in which they live. Convene exchanges and dialogues focusing on the rich and varied skills, interests and aspirations of young people.


Take action! A major focus of the Day is practical action to further encourage the empowerment and participation of youth in the processes and decisions that affect their lives. The media have especially important role to play in support of the observance of the Day to promote public awareness of youth issues.



Taking STEPS to Success in Port Hope Simpson

On Saturday May 26, 24 youth gathered in Port Hope Simpson, Labrador, to participate in a workshop entitled  STEPS - Shifting To Entrepreneurial Power and Success.  This day-long event connected area youth with people and resources that can help them start their own business and market their products. 

The workshop was the finale initiative of the Wild Craft Project.  FINALY! and the Labrador Metis Nation (LMN) have partnered together with the help of ACOA and Aboriginal Business Canada to produce Wild Craft Workshops throughout Labrador since 2005. 


“Wild-Crafting” is defined as borrowing from nature, a process of developing crafts from non-timber forest products and other natural resources in an economically / environmentally sustainable manner.  Over hundreds of years, the Aboriginal Peoples of Labrador have refined their Wild-Crafting skills, making use of the abundance of natural resources in their region. 


 Wild Craft workshops have been held in the Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Cartwright, and Port Hope Simpson areas since 2005.  Hundreds of youth have learned skills such as hide slipper making, grassworks, caribou sculpting and tufting, and willow furniture crafting. The Wild Craft workshops provided an outstanding opportunity for the transfer of Wild-Craft skills from local artists to the aboriginal youth of Labrador.  

Bringing STEPS to Labrador was very exciting and the youth in attendance were highly engaged.   We hope that the skills offered through the Wild Craft program and enhanced by the STEPS workshop will lead to many economic opportunities and ventures for the youth of Labrador.

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Thanks to all who helped make this an awesome event and an amazing time for all involved!  

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